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Albert Einstein:
“Minds are like the parachutes;only work, when they are wide-open”

1. Cars ride 820 ft. over the ground, homes and houses over 1312ft; they have sun Light panels over the roof, to supply alternative or secundary enrgy requirement.
2. Over the platform around the houses, people can sow seeds of eatable plants
Do not require fossil fuel and therefore does not pollute the environment, therefore helping to stop and revert global warming. Because there will be no need to cut down forests to build houses, more land to grow food and reforestation,  to reverse global warming and simultaneously solve the problem of food shortages increasing their oxigen production too.
4. Natural phenomena as earthquakes,floods won`t extinguish  so many people, because houses and their occupants, will be at 1312 ft over the ground.
5. The stressed rush hour, spended into the traffic congestion will get to the end, because every vehicule will displace in more than four directions.,even rotation.
6. Food and many goods transportation, from a place with excess to another with deficit will be easier and cheapper so Deflation will be inevitable.
These are only six of the infinites benefits and applications for mankind. I swear I`ll give the clues to any State or Govermet who help me to patent it and so become the Pioner of the new age;
Predictions of different analysts indicate that energy consumption in the world, particularly electricity, will continue to grow.
The final report of the World Energy Council (WEC) includes a scenario in which it is estimated that the overall electricity consumption could increase by approximately 75% by 2020 and nearly triple by 2050. In Argentina it is estimated that by 2010 consumption could double the current values.
At present, worldwide fossil fuels-coal, oil and gas contribute 63% of electricity production, hydropower accounts for about 19%, nuclear 17%, geothermal 0.3%, while the solar, wind and biomass together contribute less than 1%. What can we cope with this scenario?. One proposed solution is to optimize energy use, reducing consumption of fossil fuels, using energy sources that do not emit carbon dioxide such as nuclear, hydro or so-called "renewables" (wind, solar, geothermal , biomass) to generate electricity and electric motors or hydrogen as a propellant for transport.
In conclusion we could say that today there are no sources of energy economically competitive on a large scale, other than nuclear or hydroelectric power that can replace the massive use of fossil fuels. I think the best solution to the energy issue, and its contribution to climate change, through a diversification where all sources contributing to non-polluting electricity generation in the proportion that, economically and geopolitically, are most appropriate for each country.
While we can not say that nuclear power alone will solve the problem of the greenhouse effect, which we can ensure is that without a growing share of the problem it has no effective solution in this regard suggest that the DIVESIFICATION includes the innovative project of levitransportaciòn, which  solve the problems mentioned above and which I undertake to surrender clues to the state or government that help me to patent it and wants to be a pioneer in the new era, the age of LEVITRANSPORTATION
By centuries over centuries our planet has been ruled by wises conected with media to exclude the rest of mortals from the solutions to daily problems. It´s Big mistake; just like believe that the olnly place on the Universe where life exist is here. These wises offer us many diagnostics or predictions; but the only valid solution is the one they propose, all the rest are ridiculous; meanwhile global overheating has begunthe countdown for the existence of life on our Mother Earth.Humankind has many episodes of what I´ve said; the columbus´story for example, who was shut out many times, just trying to show contrary to those wises, the Earth was round
and there were no gap or monsters, hoping to craft dare go further to the end of the horizont.
“Impossible, is only the excuse that ignorants show to cover their ineptitude and incompetence.”
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